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Full Disclaimer

Please have a look at our legal disclaimer before sending in your inquiry regarding and its content. Please note that no messages directed to Benedict will be forwarded to her or responded to. Thank you., its graphics and written content is ©Laura, unless stated otherwise. Copying or redistributing any of the copyrighted material of ourself/site is strictly forbidden without our written consent. All original photos and articles are © their respective owners and no copyright infringement is intended. If you see something on the site that is copyrighted to you and you wish to have it taken down, do contact the staff at bcumberbatchworld@[remove] and we will promptly remove the material. was created purely for entertainment purposes – by the fans, for the fans – and the staff do not profit from this site in any way. is an unofficial fansite dedicated to Benedict Cumberbatch.
BCW is in no way in contact or affiliated with Benedict or his management. The staff do not know Benedict, nor is he a part of the staff. Thus, you cannot contact Benedict through us.

If you choose to use any of the content featured at BCW (e.g. information, pictures) on your website, a credit would be most appreciated – knowing someone’s work is being appreciated is always encouraging. However, redistribution of the graphics and fan content, including fan graphics, icons, layouts and whatnot, featured at and explicit copying our work (coding, layout) is strictly forbidden. Whenever material not copyrighted to the site is used, full credit is given, whenever possible. Please note that fan content contributed to this site is not copyrighted to us, but rather their respective artists/authors. It is your responsibility to contact them for permission to feature their work(s) on your website.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at bcumberbatchworld@[remove] Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy your stay at

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions as well as our legal disclaimer before sending in your question regarding BCW and its content. Thank you.

• Are you Benedict? / Do you know Benedict? / Have you met Benedict? is in no way in touch with either Benedict Cumberbatch or his management. We don’t know he, have never met him (even if we hope this will happen someday), nor is he a part of the staff. Please refer to our legal disclaimer for details.

• Is the official Benedict Cumberbatch website?
No. is an unofficial fansite – we are not affiliated with either him or his management.

• Does Benedict ever visit
Maybe, but we can’t know. If Benedict ever visited or want to let us know that he did, we’re sure we’ll receive an official communication.

• Will you forward my message/letter to Benedict?
No, sorry. We are not in touch with Benedict so you cannot contact him through us. Any messages/letters directed to him will only be ignored and deleted if sent to us. Try his fanmail address instead.

• Do you own the pics in the gallery? Can I repost them? does not claim ownership over any of the photos featured in the gallery, unless stated otherwise; the photos are not copyrighted to BCW.
You are welcome to repost footage from the gallery at your own risk, but in the name of common courtesy we would like to ask you to not re-post original BCW scans or movie screen captures at another Benedict fansite, and a link back to the site as credit for our hard work ( if you take any of the photos featured in the gallery like Photoshoots, Candids..etc.) is always encouraging for us. Thank you for your consideration.

• Why don’t you have all of Benedict’s events/scans/photoshoots in your gallery?
There are three possible reasons for this;
1. The photos you refer to are very recent, and we were not yet aware of them.
2. They are only available in low quality.
3. We do not have access to the photos in question yet.
If you have any new photos to contribute, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Please send us an email. Thank you!

• Is there a way to join the staff of
As for now, no we’re sorry.

• What programs do you use for the site?
Photoshop for graphics; WordPress for articles and pages; Coppermine Photo Gallery for photo gallery.

If your question was not answered in the above FAQ, feel free to send it in at bcumberbatchworld@[remove] Don’t forget to add an appropriate subject title to your email! Thanks